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En hyllest til norske motstandsmenn
Dikt fra en etiopisk flyktning i Norge som hyller norske motstandsmennVeterannett mottok en henvendelse med en oppfordring fra den etiopiske flyktningen og sosionomen Leoul Mekonen om å publisere et dikt han har skrevet som en hyllest til norske motstandsmenn under 2. verdenskrig.  Det gjør vi med glede:
March today Norwegians! March today!
It is the day of victory!
Lets honour our heroes
Who died for a good cause
Baptised with bravery!

Remember! Norwegians
We shall not forget yesterday!
Blood and bones were paid for us
in those scary, dreadful years!

The father of Milorg, Jens Christian
I saw him in my dream yesterday
Alive as you and me.
“Weren’t you buried last year?” asked I
Displaying courage in his tone
“What I fought for is alive”
He said, “I never die!”

When thick smoke filled the air
For bomb blasts were volcanic
When harmony conquered by fear
People got struck by panic!
One lion appeared among the crowd
Paal Berg, the gallant patriot
Hjemmefrontens mechanic!

Like a plant in a thorny bush
Resilient to grow through
One flower managed to bloom!
Disentangling enemy’s web
Patriot Gerd Vold Hurum.

You deserve to be honoured
Those who died for the motherland,
Freedom, justice, equality!
What you fought for is immortal
Humanity, peace and sovereignty!

I adore you! I honour you!
Though I am black African
I memorize your victory
No matter my origin
No matter ethnicity!
We all fight for the same cause
Bravery has no colour
Race or nationality!

In the memory of Frigjøringsdagen 8 Mai 1945
Leoul Mekonen
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